Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello to you all again!

Did you hear the bells ringing last Friday?  That's right, yours truly has officially tied the knot!  It was very nice, if very quick and convenient.  Given my travel situation this year, we had no time to plan a proper event, so we instead ran off to the courthouse and drove to New Orleans for a weekend of fun!

NOLA - It means New Orleans, Louisiana... took me the whole weekend to finally get it!

It was such a wonderful weekend, and while it would have certainly added a little spice; I don't regret not taking a single skirt with me.  We had plenty of fun without the costume changes.  We arrived in the afternoon on Saturday and checked into a lovely room at the Embassy Suites near the convention center.  It was a long drive, so we let our (my) age get the better of us and took a nap before heading for the French Quarter.  We spent Saturday night exploring Bourbon Street, listening to some great jazz / blues, perusing a few of the open galleries, and generally getting silly.  On Sunday, we strolled the galleries, walked the river front, napped some more, and headed back to Bourbon Street to round out our weekend.  So much fun!

Hey, did you know that on Labor Day weekend, the Big Easy plays host to the annual "Southern Decadence" celebration?  Me neither!  Imagine our surprise at learning we were NOT the only unique couple in New Orleans (kidding, we knew we'd be pretty "white bread" by comparison, even under "normal" circumstances).  Aside from a slightly unpleasant mauling experience while trying to wade through a mob on Saturday night, we really enjoyed being surrounded by so many people who made us feel, well, normal.

Being among such a large group of LGBT people was such an uplifting experience.  We knew we would have fun; we never imagined we'd find ourselves in such an appropriate surrounding.  I did come to one conclusion though - I will NEVER again go to New Orleans without my mascara and heels! 

We enjoyed it so much that we're already planning our "reunion tour" for next Labor Day weekend.  Who's in?


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