Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Political Rant

I avoid politics much the way I avoid news media.  I don't like people who think I should accept what they say without scrutiny.  I don't like being lied to (grammar apology).  I tried to watch Clint Eastwood's contribution to the RNC.  I got to the part when he implied culpability by the Obama administration for the fact that there are 23 million unemployed in America.  I don't know if that's a real number, or just a fancy statistical amalgamation.  I suspect the latter.

Allow me to pause.  I am not an Obama fan.  I am not a democrat.  I do not think he is any better for this country or for my needs than any other president I have witnessed (why else is it still "illegal" for my wonderful friends to wed?).  I also know better than to fall for yet another pack of lies.  I would agree he didn't fix it, but can you really expect me to believe that he caused it?  Come on.  And as for how you plan to fix it...

Seriously?  You whine about the abuses of government, about overspending, about medicare fraud, and welfare dependency.  You complain that 23 million people are unemployed.  You claim we need to start over.  And what is the cure?  What is your master plan?

Fill the nation with even more unwanted children and keep the families who actually want to be from becoming.

That is right, stop abortion and gay marriage, and with a simple praise jesus you wipe out the welfare problem, unemployment, national debt, AND the piteous lack of state sponsored school prayer.  Yup, by filling the country with accidental infants, smiting those nasty queers, and throwing in a couple new tax breaks for your cronies, you've solved all our problems.

Break out the bubbly boys.

And, oh by the way, I am sick and fucking tired of this attack on religion bullshit.  This god responding "I am not allowed in school" nonsense.  Because the constitution provides adequate protections for people of all (and no) faiths to coexist without persecution, and because "We the People" do not recognize an official state religion; that does not mean your god is under attack.  That does not mean your religion is being persecuted.  At most it means you are being prevented from persecuting others.  It seems awfully pathetic of a god, that the lack of school board endorsement would keep him from entering a building.  No one has suggested that your god is not allowed in school.  We have simply stated, as is consistent with our constitutional mandate, that we will not force your god on anyone through official endorsement, i.e. state sponsored worship.  Grow up.

I believe in limited government.  I believe that "limited government" means that people stay out of my shit.  In return, I believe I should stay out of other people's shit.  I do not believe in welfare, corporate or otherwise.  I have had to survive on my own under circumstances that would cause most to surrender.  I won't ask you to walk a mile in my shoes; I don't believe you could even put them on.  You question my resolve while I live despite your condemnations.  You may be louder, but I will always be stronger.  I believe in two things: live, and let live.

When a government's aim is to legislate morality and perpetuate it's own necessity; that government is wrong for the people.

This nonsensical rant is brought to you by 100 proof Vodka, dark cherry Fresca, and HuluPlus clips.

And saltines.

I like those.




  1. I think we need more posts fuelled by 100 proof Vodka :-)

    I'm not going to comment on the American political process or American government because I don't live in the US and don't really know the ins and outs of the system.

    I did read an article on the BBC website about Clint Eastwood's speech though. I've not seen a clip of it but I hope that the part where he was pretending to talk to Obama really was done in jest. I've seen lots of his films over the years and I think he's a great actor. It would be really sad to think that someone had wheeled him out in front of people knowing that he might look a bit silly, just so that they could get some extra publicity.

    As for "limited government", totally agree with you. I wish that the British government wouldn't try to legislate for all and sundry and allow us to make our own decisions about things that affect us, as long as they don't cause harm to others.

    1. Hi Jenna!

      Thanks, my head this morning does not agree with you though. ;)

      Yes, it was rather unfortunate to watch a man I have always held in high regard make a fool of himself. I hope it is just senility kicking in; I could accept that.

      Thanks for your comments! Take care!


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