Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunny Side Up

I am suffering an extreme lack of creativity this evening.  I should be out hobnobbing and rubbing elbows with other business types right now, but unforeseen circumstances led to my being stranded at home instead.  I would be upset by that, but because the event was semi-work related, the expectation was that I attend as a boy.  For that reason, I am not terribly upset that I got left at home.

The problem is that I should be taking advantage of this time to write, yet I cannot seem to muster the creativity to do that.  There are reasons for that I am sure.  I suppose under the circumstances my best course would be to order pizza, pour a drink, and just give in for the evening.


Now to await the delivery boy.  Peace to all, and to all a guten nacht!


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