Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Just Had to Say Hello

Oh my gosh!  I cannot believe it has been so long since I put up a post!  The last couple weeks have been pretty busy with a little princess turning ten, a family vacation, and the normal rigamarole of daily life.  I would pretend that time has been too short, but in truth the normality of it all has somewhat diverted my attentions, and I have in all honesty not had the motivation to write.  That is not to say there have not been ample opportunities or ample ideas, but truthfully, I sometimes worry that the subjects that emanate from my heart may be little more than whining.  And really, what business have I to whine about anything?

Still, I hate to stay away so long.  I will try to get back to work soon, but in the mean time, I hope this update finds everyone well.  I am hanging in there.  Each day is a new adventure, a new set of challenges, and a new chance for growth.  I am happy, and I am loved... and I am told I am also pretty cute. [wink]  What more can a girl want?

Take care my lovelies!

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