Monday, January 30, 2012

When the OS Starts to Fall

Gee folks, I am sorry.  I am still trying to recover from whatever alien plague has infected my system.  The good news is that I have neither morphed into reptilian form, nor have I become inextricably entwined in the hardwiring of my Mac through some strange nanobotic infestation.  The bad news is that, while I have spent the better part of my morning attempting to work through a drug induced stupor; I have been unable to provide any new and meaningful content for the blog.

I have three separate word documents sitting open on my desktop discussing three separate topics.  I started each out of the lack of inspiration generated by the last.  On the up side, while utterly failing to wow you, dear readers, with more of my witty prose; I did at least succeed (while distracting myself from writer's block) in resurrecting a previously defunct laptop by installing Ubuntu in place of Windows Vista... take THAT Microsoft!  I guess I can feel good about that.

Hopefully as the fog of this infliction passes, an uncluttered and unimpaired mind will rise to the task of providing new and exciting updates for your reading pleasure.  In the interim, rest assured that all is going well in Kat-Girl's lair (except for the whole illness thing, of course).  New and exciting - if terrifying - adventures are on the horizon for your frisky feline friend.  Stay tuned until next time!


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