Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eyes Forward

I mentioned yesterday that new and exciting adventures are on the horizon for Kat-Girl. I am not quite ready to talk details, but I will tell you that I feel a real sense of rightness in my heart regarding my recent contemplations. Now, I have only to figure out exactly how to get from now into that future, and I am on my way! Of course, that is the hard part. Actually, there are several.

The concept floating in my brain is not quickly achieved. It is not an extremely lofty goal in terms of time to get there, but it could require as much as a year to accomplish in total, even if I am aggressive. The two primary stumbling blocks that I see right now are the challenge of remaining afloat while doing what I need to do to accomplish my goal, and the risk that the particular unfilled niche I want to satisfy could be filled by the time I am ready. I think that risk is fairly low, but it is a risk, no less.

I am excited, friends. I am also a little scared, but I really do feel like I am on to something. The most exciting part is that I have entered into this (okay, all I have done so far is send an email... but, you know) without a male mask. If I succeed, even in part, this will be my last step toward a permanent life for Kate. We are talking months people... months!

Last year at this time, my best hope was a three to five year plan to finally be able to live a true life in the correct gender. Now, I have a chance to reach that milestone by the end of this calendar year and maybe even sooner. There can be no more compelling argument in favor of taking the leap. Doubts and worries aside, my one thought is that I must get there... no matter what it takes. It is no longer a question of if I can do this, but of how I will get it done.

The trash bags are poised at the closet door, awaiting that final clean out. I cannot believe I am so close.

Peace and Love from Cloud 9,

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