Friday, May 22, 2009

Not a Habit

This is not the kind of thing I want to make a habit of doing with this particular journal. Re-posting Youtube videos seems a little like a cop out to me (please don't take offense! I am as guilty of it as anyone... maybe more so!). It's a way to keep posting without really contributing anything that hasn't already been shared.

I'm making an exception this one time. I was very touched by this video. I don't think I would have shared the exact same message, but Jelissa's presentation was no less compelling. I like the idea that we are entering a new era. I like the idea that gender is naturally becoming less objective. I think that the big mistake in this video is to suggest that the societal view of transgenderism has not progressed since the time of Christine Jorgensen. It is true that we are probably still a thirty or forty years from realizing societal peace (if such a thing will EVER be possible), but there is no denying that the resources available to the transgender community today have progressed significantly.

I am not that old... I'm not! Shut up. I am not that old, but even in my life time the changes are noticeable. When I first began to realize the nature of my "queerness," the closest thing available to me in the way of information was the TV sitcom "Bosom Buddies." There were no transgender forums, no easily accessible data / opinions / examples at my fingertips. Things have changed - thanks primarily to the Internet. Regardless, I found this video compelling, and I'd love to share it with you:

Ciao Babies!

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  1. Thank you Katie, that was beautiful.

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