Friday, February 10, 2012

A Little More Time To Be

Well, I have just been blessed with an abundance of free time. To be honest, I am still trying to convince myself this is a blessing. I know it is. But there are a lot of things I know that I do not actually feel. That is one of my problems; I am smart, but I do not trust even my own thinking. I have been working on it, and I am proud to report that I have gotten better. I believe that I am finally on the other side of the “I am okay” concept. Now I just have to internalize the “this situation is okay” concept. I will get there.

The good news is that the most significant challenge to my mental health has been resolved. The hell that was my job and the demons who used to torment me there (bosses, etc.) are now officially a part of my past. That leaves me with an incredible sense of peace. The possibility that this life change could result in my evolution from blogging about food to begging for it does have me just a tad worried, but I am mostly optimistic that it will all work out okay. I have options; there are still a number of fall-back plans I can employ if needed. And more importantly, I now have WAY more room in my closet for when I do have the money to go shopping again.

So, starting today, I am a housewife... for a little while. One of the first chores I completed this morning was to dispose of all but a few male items from my closet... YAY... getting close. To be clear, I do not have very much figured out right now. There is a strong probability that I will not be done with that part of my life just yet, but gliding one step closer to that end felt so good. What I do know, and what I can say for certain is that regardless of the new challenges this may create; it was the right thing. I feel more at peace right now than I have in several years. In a life event that would typically indicate things falling apart, I feel things finally coming together. I am honestly and truly happy.

Until next time, friends,


  1. I understand that losing a bad job can bring a great sense of relief; I've been there. I do hope, though, that this wish fulfillment holds the key to the next door on your journey.

    Best of luck!

    1. As do I Leslie. I am scared, of course. But I feel so much more at peace, like a weight has been lifted off my soul. I am confident it was the right thing. Thank you for your note!

      Take care,


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