Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Quick Hello from Transadise

Today marks one week since I took a new step (well, decided to) toward the final transition.  Granted, it will be a bit of a shuffle step, but I like to dance.  Last Thursday was when I took a leap, told the slimy, slithering snakes who were trying to unhinge me with their holy wars and live Katgirl sacrifices to bite it, and started a (hopefully) short sabbatical to get my head together before starting a new job.  The catch was, at the time all I had were possibilities, no actual new jobs.  It was a very scary thing to do, but so far I am really happy that I did it.

For the first time in over a decade, I slept without stress, without nightmares about work, and without the overwhelming misery and anxiety that my old job inspired.  I would compare the act of Katgirl escaping that hell, to Batman escaping one of the Joker’s attempts at destroying him and his trusty companion… but that comparison would be unfair to the Joker.  He was a far more honorable and honest character than the bible-thumping fiend who tormented me during my last months.  Certainly, I was in no position to endure a prolonged bought of unemployment, but I was also in no condition to continue submitting myself to that world.  So, for the moment I am unemployed.

But wait!  It would seem Karma might be smiling on Katgirl.  Without getting too excited or jinxing myself, I just have to share that one of the prospects I was banking on came through yesterday.  It is not completely final yet, but I have signed an offer and taken the first steps.  If all goes well, my vacation will end in about two weeks beginning a new career and a first step out on very solid financial footing.  In fact, (again hoping not to jinx myself), the current outlook is so bright that FFS may actually happen THIS year!  Can you believe that?

I have shared previously that I am not waiting on surgical intervention to start my life, and that is truer today than it was even a week ago.  I am living.  I truly love life, and I feel absolutely no rush to take that next major step.  But if the opportunity arises, I will most certainly go for it.  I am learning that, while planning and navigating life with caution is generally a good thing, sometimes taking an extreme step really is the best way to move forward.

Fingers crossed!

Until next time, friends,

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