Friday, March 4, 2011

These Are the Times…

A brief update this evening.  I believe I have reached a pivotal point in my transition activities.  I have been doing a lot of things physically.  I am letting my hair grow out, I have begun laser therapy to remove my facial hair (which will be followed by other areas), I have been taking hormones. I don’t even own male underwear any more.  I am at a point now, when I need to begin to answer questions, not just create ambiguity.

I need to find a therapist.  The catch is that I need to find one in the DFW area of Texas, and I need her (or him) to be smarter than me.  Or, at least I need to experience the sense that I have something to learn.  I know this is a little arrogant, but with almost every counselor I’ve ever met, I have felt like I held the intellectual upper hand.  My lack of respect for those individuals invariable led me to question the validity of the exercise itself.  The end result is that I poured money into pointless exercises and never really progressed toward a real understanding of who I was, or of what I needed to do.



  1. This deserves a longish response. Email forthcoming.

  2. Thanks Leslie Ann,
    Email response to your longish response forthcoming. :)
    Much Love,


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