Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just a Few Updates

You will recall the rather rash move I made a couple weeks back posting a very pointed statement on my Facebook account.  I just wanted to share some of the feedback I've received related to that post.  I've attempted to cover specific identities in the interest of my friends' safety.  I know YOU guys are all trustworthy... it's THOSE OTHER guys I worry about! :)

Here is the string that pretty quickly followed my post:

It is so amazing to have such wonderful friends.  I would note that the second from the last comment is from my ex-spouse and Mother of my two wonderful daughters.  The other interesting note is that not a single family member (blood relation... sisters, brothers, cousins, etc.) commented on this post.  It would seem that the great wall of denial still stands strong!  Oh well.

I read once that before one could truly say she was ready to transition, she first had to know that she would be willing to give up everything to do it.  I hope that my relatives will eventually come around - especially my mother and siblings - but the good news is that I have the support of my children and a whole slew of people close to me.  I am prepared for "the worst," and I am at peace with the possibility that I will lose many relationships (among other things) through the course of this transition, but I am very happy to know that I have support and that I won't lose everyone!

In other news, going out tonight!  Very excited about that.  I have the cutest new dress that I cannot WAIT to show off.  I'll try to post some pictures.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


The book that provided the above insight regarding transition (proceeds from purchases of this book (through my link) will go toward the "FFS for Katey" fund - hee hee!):


  1. I confess to having doubts about the wisdom of your action, but kudos and attagirls are due. Very cool, Kate!

  2. Thanks, Leslie Ann. I really appreciate your support! Your reticence is entirely understandable. I will note that there is a fairly significant amount of "back story" that is absent from this blog. Knowing some of it may change your view slightly, though you would still be absolutely justified in your worries.

    It's more to share than I could really do justice in a comment, so I will commit to sharing episodes one through three in the next few posts. See, my blog is just like the Star Wars saga! Just call me Gina Lucas! :D


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