Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blame It On Cosmo

I never thought I would feel this way; I assumed that I would not fall prey to the pitfalls.  We have all heard the stories and read the countless articles in Cosmo devoted to the subject.  We see the shtick on television, those painfully accurate lists of feminine idiosyncrasies.  From those to which I had not already succumbed, I thought I would be immune.  Oh how wrong was I!  I have encountered a significant catch twenty-two in my transition.  Since coming out of the closet, I have never spent so much time in my closet! 

I gave myself almost three full hours this morning to get ready.  I selected my outfit for today almost a week ago.  The morning should have been a no-brainer.  Yet an hour into preparation, I found myself standing amid piles of clothing torn from my drawers and closet thinking that I was just going to crawl back into bed and forget the whole ordeal. 

It started with a semi-legitimate issue.  My feet have been really dry and cracked lately, and wearing heels tends to aggravate that condition with painful results.  That wrinkle made the shoes I had picked for the day less than ideal.  I say this is a semi-legitimate issue (when have I ever let discomfort stand in the way of fashion, after all?), because what I was really thinking about was that I never made it to the nail salon yesterday, meaning that my toenail polish was in no condition for public display. 

So, as I am sure you all understand, once the shoes are out, then the top is in question.  This of course brings about the considerations of the jewelry, and whether the shorts I planned to wear were really going to work at all.  It is a vicious cycle, people.  After rummaging for WAY longer than should have been necessary, I settled on a simple black tank top and tennis shoes.  Hey, at least I wore the same shorts I originally planned! 

I know, I know – typical woman.  You know what though?  Despite my somewhat toned down look (and the fact that I wasted almost my entire prep window trying to pick out clothes), I think I looked pretty darn cute!  Next time we visit, I’ll tell you what the whole day was about in the first place.

Hope you are all having a great week!

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