Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Few Dollars More

Sometimes I question whether I really have the strength to see this transition through to full time; although, it may be the energy I lack more than the strength.  There are so many steps involved!  The name change alone involves multiple government organizations, piles of forms, and goodness knows how many dollars.  I have seen business start-ups that required less paperwork!  It makes me wish I could hire a “transition agent” to handle all the details.  Would that not be cool?

Of course, having the money to afford something like that would alone resolve most of the concerns that keep me awake at night.  Being able to rest at night rather than worry about transition would in turn give me the energy to deal with the BS that is ahead of me, so I guess that means the root of my problems is money.  That is a big surprise… hardly at all.  This is expensive!

I am currently seeing my counselor twice per month; though I could probably stand to see her weekly (the drive is painful enough, though).  Those visits plus the upcoming start of group sessions will cost me roughly $270 per month.  I am spending about $150 per month on laser, which I will soon supplement with electrolysis on my face.  That will probably add an additional couple hundred dollars per week.  Just those three items drive my cost to over $1,200 per month, which does not include fuel cost to make all the trips involved.  This also does not include hormones and other doctor visits, and it does not include saving for the big events – facial feminization and boobs.

If I stop paying my mortgage, take a second job, and exchange sleep for turning tricks at a truck stop, I may have the money for all of this by some time in late 2034.  Oh, and that is on the condition that I travel to Somalia for my surgeries AND bring my own instruments.  Tell me ladies, how in the world do we make this work, and secondly, would anyone like to buy a set of gently used testicles?  They are single owner and only driven to church on Sundays.

Seriously, I would love to read your thoughts on how we manage the fiscal nightmare of transition.  Please share.

Much love,


  1. Dear Kate,

    I hear you sister! I really need to start seeing my therapist on a regular basis again but there is always something else that requires those funds.

    I have started writing for automotive magazines to help finance laser & electrolysis, instead of that money coming from the household budget.

    And I am resigned to selling my pride and joy (1959 Cadillac convertible I have had since I was 16) to funds FSS....sigh.



  2. Hi April!
    Ouch! I guess the up side is that you do have a resource; it is just a shame that you would have to sacrifice such a treasure. (Well, I assume it's a treasure - I know next to nothing about cars)

    Best of luck to you in your transition, and I hope you'll keep reading!
    Take care,


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